• Four ore prospecting areas – Viinivaara, Paasivaara, Paasivaara-2 and Purola and one reservation application Patrikka.
  • Location in the southern part of Hattu – Ilomantsi greenstone belt  This is a part of Karelian Gold Line with Pampalo operating mine.
  • Total area: 23,3
  • The area contains two known gold occurrences with mineralisation confirmed by drilling – Kelokorpi and Viinivaara.

The Kelokorpi occurrence comprises of a set of subvertical lodes defined by sulphide-gold dissemination and auriferous quartz±tourmaline veinlets in intermediate volcanogenic metasedimentary rock and tonalite. The occurrence is in the Kelokorpi shear zone. Native gold in the host rock is disseminated and associated with pyrrhotite and pyrite. In the quartz veins, native gold is associated with molybdenite, tourmaline, arsenopyrite, tellurides and pyrrhotite (GTK, 2000).

The Viinivaara occurrence is hosted by intermediate volcanogenic metasedimentary rock, and is located close to Korvilansuo (NE-trending) and Tsurkkila (N-trending) shear zones. Native gold is again disseminated in the host rock (GTK, 2000).

During the 2010 field season, some gold bearing boulders (with grades up to 4.8 g/ton) were found within the area. Intensive soil and basal till sampling programs done by MEN Finland in 2010-2012 allowed to localise several As and Au geochemical anomalies.

Currently, in the Paasivaara area, a mineralised strike, as identified by MEN Finland, extends eleven kilometres.